Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Weimarer Ausgabe On-Line

When I was at seminary, ordinands were granted a low interest loan to purchase a car for use in ministry. One of our lecturers, Dr Maurice Schild, more than once suggested to us that we would be better equipped for ministry by using the money to purchase the Weimarer Ausgabe - the definitive German edition of Luther's works - instead. I never knew if he was serious or not! Be that as it may, I can happily alert readers to the on-line edition of the Weimarer Ausgabe. If you don't have Latin or German,what more motivation do you need? Stop wasting time on blogs and learn! ;0)

Meanwhile, which famous 20th C. theologian found Luther's theology so disturbing that he hid his set of the Weimarer Ausgabe behind a rug in his study?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Johann Gerhard on the Church

The Church is that ship that carries Christ and His disciples (Matthew 8:23), and transports us at long last to the port of eternal blessedness. The Church navigates her established course through the sea of this age with the rudder of faith, having God as her pilot, angels for oarsmen, and the company of all the saints for her passengers. The mast in her middle is the cross of salvation, on which is suspended the sail of the evangelical faith, by which she is lead by the breath of the Holy Spirit to the security of eternal rest.

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HT Merv Wagner