Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New Online Lutheran Resource: 1517 The Legacy Project

Even with the revolution of late modern communications that is the inter web Australia is still a long, long way from the rest of the world and somewhat out of the loop. Thus it was only through a heads up from American reader (and sometime intrepid Australian explorer) Dr S. Mark Poler that I have become aware of a new project spearheaded by Lutheran theologian Dr Rod Rosenbladt: 1517. The Legacy Project. 

Just getting off the ground, 1517 promises to forge an increased web presence for confessional Lutheranism and to that end has acquired the publishing rights to the works of renowned Lutheran apologist John Warwick Montgomery (surprisingly, Montgomery is still largely unknown in Australia, even in Lutheran circles).

Poor pastors on the look out for helpful, free resources will be sure to find them aplenty at 1517, for example: What can Monty Python teach us about worship? provides plenty of ideas for a talk about the centrality of Christ in the Divine Service with a youth group or Christian Studies class in high                                                                   school.  

                                                           Bookmark and enjoy!

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