Thursday, 9 May 2013

Why Did Christ Ascend Into Heaven?

"Now we must consider the ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the first place, it is easily said and understood that the Lord ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God. But they are dead words to the understanding if they are not grasped with the heart. We must, therefore, conceive of his ascension and Lordship as something active, energetic and continuous, and must not imagine that he sits above while we hold the reins of government down here. Nay, he ascended up thither for the reason that there he can best do his work and exercise dominion. Had he remained upon earth in visible form, before the people, he could not have wrought so effectually, for all the people could not have been with him and heard him. Therefore, he inaugurated an expedient which made it possible for him to be in touch with all and reign in all, to preach to all and be heard by all, and to be with all. Therefore, beware lest you imagine within yourself that he has gone, and now is, far away from us. The very opposite is true: While he was on earth, he was far away from us; now he is very near. "

From a sermon by Dr. Martin Luther on the last chapter of St. Mark, 1523.
German text: Erlangen Edition, 12:169.


Martin Yee said...

Thanks. Great quote. Heard a strange funeral sermon in Singapore recently by a pastor who mentioned that Christ is "seated" at the right hand of God after his ascension. However when Stephen was martyred, he saw Jesus "standing" at the right of God (Acts 7:56). The point the pastor made is Jesus personally welcomes his saints into the heavenly mansion he has prepared for them when they die. We should take comfort that the deceased is welcomed by Jesus into heaven. Not sure what to make of this.

Damo said...

and he went so he would send the helper,and being Omnipresent he Can help all,and of course a Trinitarian perspective must be upheld,but I cant wait to see (If I am alive when it happens,) the look on Dawkins face when he see's the Lord Coming from the clouds,what could he say LOL,Blessings Pr Mark