Sunday, 31 March 2013

Raised to Life for our Justification

"Christ was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification" Romans 4:25 NIV

"Paul is indeed the man who extols Christ in a masterly manner, telling us exactly why and for what purpose he suffered and how we should conform ourselves to his sufferings, namely, that he died for our sins. This is a correct interpretation of the sufferings of Christ, by which we may profit. And as it is not sufficient to know and believe that Christ has died, so it will not suffice to know and believe that he rose with a transfigured body and is now in a state of joy and blessedness, no longer subject to mortality, for all this would profit me nothing or very little. But when I come to understand the fact that all the works God does in Christ are done for me, nay, they are bestowed upon and given to me, the effect of his resurrection being that I also will arise and live with him; that will cause me to rejoice. This must be brought home to our hearts, and we must not merely hear it with the ears of our body nor merely confess it with our mouth...
Martin Luther, Church Postil, c. 1525.

Yes, folks, it's all about justification!

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Martin Yee said...

Yes, all praise be to the Risen Lord! Justification is indeed the work of the gracious and holy God.


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! (I'm in a different time zone)

Praise God for our Risen Lord Jesus! Thank you for running this blog. It has been quite interesting and edifying!

Mark Henderson said...

Happy Easter Martin & Anon.,
Thank you for your kind feedback, Anon. We are glad to hear you are edified by what you read here.