Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Pastor's Prayer

“O Lord God, You have called me to be a bishop and pastor in Your Church.  You see how unfit I am to bear such great and responsible office; and had not Your counsel hitherto sustained me, I would have  long since brought all to ruin. Therefore, I cry to You: I will gladly submit and give my lips, my tongue, and my heart to the teaching of Your people, and ever learn and occupy myself in Your word and consider the same diligently. Use me as Your instrument: but, dear Lord, do not leave me; for were I left to myself, I would quickly bring all to ruin. Amen.”

Wilhelm Loehe, Seed-Grains of Prayer, #254
(I have modernised the English and altered some of the wording, but I think the above remains a faithful rendition of Loehe's German original.)


Damo said...

very true we can do nothing without out Jesus,we have to surrender to him and let him do it through us,this life is like a firing squad,if we stand with Christs Righteousness its like we stand with a bullet proof vest,if we stand on our own goodness we wear but a t/shirt as we are fired apon ,the flesh the world and the devil are more than a match for us on our own strength,I only have good prayer ministries/results when he does it through me,to God be all the glory,prayer 254 is spot on,

Mark Henderson said...

Thanks Damo.
It's a powerful prayer due to its humility. I'll be posting some more prayers from Loehe.