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Kleinig on Exodus

Go here to download audio files of five lectures given by Australian Lutheran theologian John Kleinig at Mount Zion Lutheran Church, Castle Rock, Colorado, USA:
From Slavery to Divine Service: The Foundation of
Israel as a Liturgical Community in Exodus

In Exodus God institutes the divine service for the Israelites at the tabernacle and establishes them as His holy people, a unique liturgical community dependent on Him for its existence.

In fact, He had rescued them from slavery Pharaoh and the Egyptian gods so that He could be their God, dwell in their midst and meet with them daily in the divine service to bless them and share His holiness with them.

This course will examine the book of Exodus as a founding story for Israel and discuss its relevance for the theology and performance of the divine service in the Lutheran church. 
Dr. John W. Kleinig is retired after teaching for 26 years at Luther Seminary in Adelaide, South Australia. In the last 20 years he has taught in many different Lutheran seminaries in North America and Asia. Earlier this year he lectured at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Pretoria in South Africa.

Dr. Kleinig is an Old Testament theologian with an M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Cambridge University in
England and an honorary doctorate from Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne. His published
doctoral dissertation was on The Lord’s Song: The Basis, Function and Signi cance of Choral Music in

Dr. Kleinig’s commentary on Leviticus for Concordia Publishing House explores how the people of God
share in His holiness through their participation in the divine service. He has published two books on
spirituality, a congregational study on Prayer: We Speak to God and a handbook on Lutheran piety called
Grace Upon Grace: Spirituality for Today (Concordia, St Louis, 2008).

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