Saturday, 17 March 2012

This Is Progress?

Well, there I was half an hour ago following my usual Saturday night ritual - since my wife, a nurse and midwife - usually works Saturday evenings I make the family dinner for the hungry hordes and then sit down in front of the TV to enjoy, relatively undisturbed, 'New Tricks', a British light drama about a few crusty retired policemen who are called back to work investigating 'cold cases' under the supervision of an attractive and very capable female detective, whence a lot of subtle, humorous repartee between the main characters derives. Apart from the evening news it's one of the few TV programs I watch regularly; I find it relieves me of some of the stresses associated with preparing for Sunday mornings. But not tonight: "No Signal" is all I can see. I wonder for a moment if the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission, our equivalent of the BBC) has neglected to pay its electricity bill? No, it's just one of the vagaries of the allegedly wonderful new world of digital TV which we now have no choice but to contend with since the eminently reliable analogue signals were switched off some months ago. It's now a rare event to watch a single program without annoying signal interruptions and now it seems we should consider ourselves fortunate to get TV at all. This is progress? Looks like it's off to bed early with a good book.

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