Sunday, 1 January 2012

Walking Is Man's Best Medicine

Most of my life I've been a great one for walking. As a kid my friends and I would think nothing of walking the 10 kilometres home from a day watching the cricket at "the Gabba" (for overseas readers, Brisbane's main cricket stadium and the venue for international matches); of course, we'd discuss the day's play as we made our way back through the suburbs, so it hardly seemed like any effort at all. Later, as a young adult I'd regularly walk 5 kilometres home from work everyday (Brisbane is a very hilly city, btw); I found it helped me to clear my head after a day sitting at a desk in an artificial environment. Even later, in seminary, a friend and I would often walk to and from the Adelaide CBD in less than an hour.
But entering pastoral ministry changed all that. As the patterns of daily life became more erratic the walks decreased in frequency and eventually ceased altogether. Not surprisingly, health problems have ensued in the years since. So, I've resolved to work on things this year and get back into the habit of regular walking. I hope and pray the health benefits will follow - I'll let you know how I go, but let me just say that I was surprised after a recent half hour walk to find my blood pressure significantly lower than its usual (high) reading. As the saying goes, 'walking is man's best medicine'. If you're thinking along the same lines, this is worth checking out if you need motivation:

Oh, thanks for your comments about my review - I'll get to moderating them when I get back from my walk ;0)


Bucko said...

Ah yes, well I remember the many walks during Sem (particularly in the first 2 years) trying to learn my Greek and Hebrew vocab with all the declensions. I was the fittest I had been for ages back then.
Best of luck making the time for your daily walk.

Pr Mark Henderson said...

And I remember walking around the parks memorising the Augsburg Confession for Maurie Schild. We both must be peripatetic learners, Jason.

Lvka said...

Walking Is Man's Best Medicine

...even if it's down the wrong path? ;-)

Pr Mark Henderson said...

'Blessed is the man
who does not walk
in step with the wicked' PS 1:1

check this out said...

Nice video.