Monday, 14 November 2011

News Roundup 14.11.11

I just learned how to embed links in a post (fast learner, eh?!). Taking advantage of my new skill, here's a roundup of news items that have come across the wires to the old manse this past week (on this blog, I am my own sub-editor, i.e. I write the headlines, which may sometimes reflect my take on the item, ironic or otherwise; if you hover over the headline the real title of the story will be displayed, or at least it is on my screen, click to view the report [am I the only one who needs these instructions?]):

Ἰατρέ, θεράπευσον σεαυτόν ('Physician, heal thyself!')

Why Can't They All Just Get Along?

'May the God of Hope Fill You with All Joy'

'Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal Benefits Other Denominations' (duh!)

Let's Hope They Don't Mess Up


Lvka said...

Physician, heal thyself!

Uhm... you got something to say to me, Father ?... :-\

Lvka said...

I blog daily for Lent and Advent, and Advent has just begun. Serious posts, relating to the topic of spiritual struggle, fasting, and abstinence. [I don't actually practice these ascetic disciplines, so the least I can do is talk or write about them... right?]. Maybe, if you're by any chance interested in how Orthodoxy perceives, understands, and approaches these matters, you could check it out once in a while (my posts are notoriously short anyway).

My daily posts for last year's Advent can be found here, and those for the past Lenten season are available here, if you'd wish to give them a shot..

TD said...

The Luther 500 meeting is already a fail. I counted female pastors among the commitee.

May be they can agree to stop abusing the designation of Luteran and start calling themself the Reformed Evanjellyfish Federation.


Tom Moeller

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Yes, I have to say my expectations are low, Tom. What particularly concerns me - from regular perusal of the LWF website- is that they have transformed the Gospel into a 'social justice' message (the ordination of women is, of course, not unrelated to this). The 'vertical' aspect of the Gospel -from God to us - is lost with the focus on the 'horizontal' aspect - transformation of human community, a focus which is highly secularised. The crisis in the LWF dates to the 1963 assembly in Helsinki when the delegates couldn't agree on what the doctrine of justification meant for the 'modern world'. Not surprisingly, the LWF's fortunes have only declined since. What a tragedy.

Lvka said...

Your second link is broken.

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Thanks Lucian -I've deleted it.
That's the hazard of linking to news stories, I guess. As we used to say of hard copy papers: "Today's news is tomorrow's Fish and Chip paper." Do you have Fish and Chips in Romania? Fried fish with thick potato chips and salt and pepper, perhaps lemon, served by the seaside wrapped in paper. A British tradition. I wonder how it would go by the Black Sea?

Lvka said...

We have both, actually, but not necessarily together...