Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Praying for the Folk of Joplin, Missouri

This isn't a news blog, so I don't generally comment much on current events, but this post is simply to say that I'm praying for those affected by the horrific tornado that has devastated Joplin, Missouri, leaving 116 dead and much destruction of property. Lord, have mercy! Click on the post title for relevant news from the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Apparently four homes belonging to teachers at the local LC-MS school are among the many destroyed. I'm thinking also of a retired pastor and his wife from one of the congregations I serve who are currently on holiday in...Missouri! The Lord bless you and keep you Norm and Joy,and also you Cathryn (a former parishioner who resides presently in St Louis).

A pastor colleague of mine has reported that the worst years for tornadoes in the US have been 1925, 1974 and 2011. Not co-incidentally, I was able to add, those were all years of significant and devastating floods in Australia. The common factor behind the extraordinary weather on both continents in those years was the 'La Nina' warming of the Pacific Ocean. Yes, Virginia, we really are interconnected! I noted with great interest a recent scientific report that concluded that the oceans may in fact have more influence on our planetary climate than the atmosphere. Perhaps the ancient Israelite fear of the sea as the source of chaos and disorder was not entirely misplaced?

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