Saturday, 12 March 2011

Remember Japan Lutheran Church In Your Prayers

The international news services are providing extensive coverage of the horrifying impact of the extraordinary earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and while we should pray for all those affected, please especially remember our brothers and sisters of the 'Japan Lutheran Church' in your prayers. I know very little about Lutherans in Japan, but I do know that there are at least two church bodies. The JLC, with c. 35 congregations, is a confessional church body affiliated with the International Lutheran Council. It was begun by Missouri Synod missionaries after WWII, with a particular focus on the north of Japan; hence the likely exposure of its members to damage and loss of life from this earthquake. Lord, have mercy!

Click on the post title to visit the Japan Lutheran Church website (English edition); there's a good chance updates on how the locals a re faring will appear there as available..

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