Friday, 11 March 2011

Great New Lutheran Resource: Kleinig On-Line

Dr John W. Kleinig was a theological and spiritual mentor for a generation of Australian Lutheran students who studied at Luther Seminary from the 1980s through to recent years. Dr Kleinig has retired from that position now, although he still serves as a guest lecturer at churches and seminaries worldwide. Now, an enterprising group of his former students, led by Prs Joshua Pfeiffer & Tom Pietsch, have put together a website where Kleinig's lectures will be accessible in audio and/or video formats, as well as lecture notes. The first series, on 'Christian Spirituality', is up now. As one who benefitted immensely from Kleinig's teaching, I commend it to all my readers.

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Kleinig's books, including Grace Upon Grace and a worthy commentary upon Leviticus in the Concordia Commentary series, are available from Concordia Publishing House in St Louis (


Lily said...

Hi Pastor Henderson,

Many thanks for your blogs and the link to Dr. Kleinig's lecture series. In case you aren't aware of it, he also has been a guest on Issues Etc. speaking on a variety of topics. He is a gem!

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Indeed he is, Lily.
Thanks for the link!