Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Classic Kleinig

This is classic Kleinig...

I found this on the 'net (currently on holidays, doing a bit of surfing!). John Kleinig (MTh & PhD from Cambridge) was Lecturer* in Old Testament and also Liturgics when I was at seminary (since retired), a theological mentor as well as being a spiritual father to many students. He's just getting warmed up here, but the most important thing he says is, and I paraphrase: You won't understand Lutheran worship if you don't realise that God is present in it. Simple enough, but what you don't get to see in the clip, unfortunately, is how he unpacks that truth in a manner that helps you to see things you've never seen before. Anyway, this simple truth explains a lot, and not only about Lutheran worship per se, but also about the deterioration of Lutheran worship over the last 40 years or so - we've stopped believing that God is present (I'm speaking of general trends).

* In American terms a Professor.

HT The LCSorg's channel.


Anonymous said...

Just lovely, Mark. Thank you. I've recently listened to JK's lecture on the 23rs Psalm (on my iPod while working),passed on by one of my sons. Saw John recently at Seminary graduation and ordination (one being our son), and was able to express thanks for his teaching these beautiful truths.

It was fun, many years ago, to be at table with JK and other dear souls, when we were all much younger. The talk was theology and poetry - Bruce Dawe was then giving us a warm and thoughtful version of Australia and suburban living. George Johnston's "My Brother Jack" excited us, too. I followed John's writings in the LTJ over the years,and here he is now, venerable,honoured and loved.

For a few years we managed to have a Melachthon Society in Melbourne and JK was one of our first speakers. His subject was the Biblical (OT) notion of the soul/body idea. We were hungry for thoughtful commentary and were nourished by some gifted people.

Bruce Dawe - a lot of good work - but a couple that are special: Soliloqy for one dead - and Miss Mac. The sorrow and loss of the ordinary person, Bruce knew how to tell it. . . and the reader understood.

I continue to follow your posts in all sections, with great interest and bless you dearly for defending the gospel of God's grace and mercy with your kind erudition.

If only there were more women on sites such as this. The maleness can be intimidating.

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Dear anon,

Thanks so much for your comment...Bruce Dawe, George Johnston, now there's some names I haven't heard for a while.
I think you must be from a generation previous to mine? Miss Mac? And one dead? You'll have to fill me in on those.

Glad to have you following, anon.
I understand about the maleness being intimidating, but please be assured we have the utmost respect for women at the old manse.

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Have you read Dorothy Sayers?
I must post something on her soon.

Schütz said...

A great teacher. I am proud to have been one of his students. I doubt if he is equally proud to have to admit to have been my teacher! :-)