Saturday, 11 December 2010

Five Minutes with Luther

Five minutes with Luther...what wouldn't we give for that opportunity?

Well, the experience can be yours every day for a year at no cost!

I'm referring to the devotional book, Five Minutes with Luther, compiled by John Theodore Mueller (+1967; sometime professor of dogmatics at Concordia Seminary, St Louis) and available for free download as a PDF file (click on the post title to access).

Of course, there are at least three books available with a similar title and format, but this would seem to be the original (first published in 1926), and in my estimation possibly the best.

The devotions follow the familiar pattern of scripture verse, meditation, and hymn verse, and, most helpfully, scriptural and topical indices are included at the end, which is something one doesn't often find these days.

As mentioned, the PDF download is free, but a hardback edition of the book is also available, for those for whom money is no object, for US$20.68 plus the usual.

We have Pr Robin Fish (LCMS, Missouri) to thank for making this volume available to all and sundry.

HT Pr Paul Rydecki (WELS, Las Cruces, New Mexico) at Intrepid Lutherans (

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