Monday, 6 September 2010

Keep Up With The LC-MS's New President

Now that Pr Matthew Harrison's official installation as president of the Lutheran-Church Missouri Synod on September 11 is drawing near, his official web page is up and running at the LC-MS website. Amongst other things, this page will link to sermons, speeches, articles and regular 'Lutheran Witness' columns written by Pr Harrison. I cordially suggest to my readers that you keep up with Pr Harrison's writings, as I'm sure you will be blessed thereby (click on this post title to be taken there).
I had the opportunity to meet Pr Harrison in 2000, when we naturally enough discussed Dr Sasse and Pr Harrison kindly signed my copy of his recently published translation of Sasse's essay 'Union and Confession', the first instalment of a project which has since expanded into 'The Lonely Way' series published by CPH.
I also have a link in my correspondnce column to Pr Harrison's personal blog, Mercy Journeys, where you will find much of value. I wonder if Pr Matt will have time to keep that up now?
We at the old manse want to assure Pr Harrison of our constant prayers for God's blessing upon his tenure as president of that august body, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, which, as Pr Harrison reminded me at the conclusion of our conversation ten years ago, Dr Sasse regarded as the last, great hope of confessional Lutheranism..

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