Friday, 20 August 2010

Follow Up On Oxford Uni Discrimination Case

As a matter of interest, this post follows up my recent reflection on an alleged case of discrimination/persecution in high academe, namely the former lecturer in Jewish studies at Oxford University who was seeking redress through an employment tribunal for alleged discrimination on the basis of her conversion from Judaism to Christianity. I used the case as a springboard to ask questions about how Christians should respond to pereceived discrimination/persecution.

The employment tribunal has subsequently ruled against the academic concerned, finding that no discrimination took place and that she was entitled to no financial or other redress. The lady concerned, Dr Tali Argov, is appealing.

It is, of course, impossible for us who know the details only second-hand to form anything other than a tentative opinion on this case; although the tribunal officer's finding must carry some weight in our minds, our sympathies are likely remain with the victim. Nevertheless, the question of the Christian's response to discrimination remains.

In any case, we wish Dr Argov well.

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