Sunday, 20 June 2010

What Do You Get When You Put A Pastor and an Artist Together?

Q. What Do You Get When You Put A Pastor and an Artist Together?

A. A very creative union producing good things pro bono ecclesiae, including a little Q & A booklet on Holy Baptism and a free Lutheran-themed picture font you can download and use in church bulletins, etc.

As a pastor on a tight budget I'm always on the lookout for good, free resources (see the 'Free Resources' category The Filing Cabinet in the right-hand column), so I'm grateful for Pr Alex Klages's tip on his wife Kelly's booklet. It's available for download, along with the font, at their site 'By the Font' (click on the post title to visit).

Alex is a pastor in the Lutheran Church-Canada, a body with which the LCA has cultivated a close relationship, and his blog is 'A Beggar at the Table' (link provided in my blogroll).

Kelly is an artist specialising in sacred art whose work is informed by her deep commitment to the Lutheran Faith. You can view some of Kelly's work here:

Every blessing upon Alex & Kelly's continued union!


Pr. Alex Klages said...

Well, thank you for the kind words and the plug! We're all about getting stuff out there.

FWIW, (where we get the printed books from) has a presence in Australia, so if you wanted to buy a printed copy you could reasonably cheaply.

Pr Mark Henderson said...

Hey, Alex.
Happy to spread the word!
The Baptism Q&A is a very helpful resource.
I'm going to publicise it on a discussion list of confessional LCA pastors too.
I'm looking in to LULU, I'd hgeard of them but haven't used them yet.
I'm on rec leave, just back from three days in Brisbane where my oldest son did 'work experience' with the Australian Army: two days of orientation to army life - he can't make up his mind whether to be a pastor or an army officer. They said he can do a B.Th. and they'll pay for it and then he can become an officer and a chaplain if he wants to, or go into infantry as a lieutenant (with a Theology degree!).