Monday, 28 June 2010

Renovating the Old Manse

Regular readers may have noticed some renovations to the 'old manse' which I have gone about whilst on holidays presently - no, that's not my old manse in the pic (more's the pity!), it's the fabled 'Old Manse' in Concord, Massachusetts where Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the collection of Gothic short stories which appeared in 1846 as Mosses From An Old Manse, which volume partly inspired my blog title (what a "fixer-upper", eh?). Anyway, there's a new look and some new features here. Unfortunately, when I installed the new template I lost my blogroll links, which I have been steadily re-building since; however, I have deleted 'The Country Parson', the 'Lutheran Beggar' and the 'Letters From Obscure Men' blogs as they appear to be inactive - should the esteemed owners of those blogs re-activate them I'll be more than happy to re-list them. If you have a blog that you would like listed, please drop me a line - I basically link to anyone I correspond with.

I have three new features in the side-bar - a list of favourite essays available on-line, a list of links to classic books freely available on-line, and a list of free resources that Lutheran pastors may find helpful. If you know of any free resources you find helpful, please drop me a line at the old manse so I can list them. I hope these features will make this site more useful to its readers, and not just an indulgence on my part!

In the future I'm also thinking of using this site to post my own exegetical notes and extended series of glosses on particular books that might serve as reader's guides of a sort. Again, the idea is to make this site as useful as possible to others. I'm not claiming to be a great exegete or interpreter, I simply offer these resources for what they're worth. We'll see...everything needs time.

I've been asked several times to post my own sermons here; I'm reluctant to do so as my sermons are very much addressed to the congregations I serve rather than being general 'preachments'. They are also oral rather than written 'documents', so posting them here would necessitate putting them in a more literary form, which is extra work. But I do enjoy reading sermons myself, so we shall see.

These changes and proposals are the result of my own self-examination about blogging - yes I enjoy it, but is it a productive use of my spare time? how can I justify it? how can I make the blog more of service to others? Comments welcome.


Matthias said...

Looks good pastor. Except if I recall,your real old manse had quite a few front doors?

Pr Mark Henderson said...

3 to be exact, Matthias, if you counted the formal entry down the side drive which was the real front door, and six external doors altogether. No wonder even parishioners got confused!