Saturday, 8 May 2010

The Essential Lutheran Library

The good people at Concordia Publishing House have done a sterling job to date in bringing out The Essential Lutheran Library, known in the old manse as the 'Sangria Selection' for obvious reasons (the binding of these books is in a colour known to publishers as 'sangria', a word which for some reason reminds me of a very rough Spanish wine which I have no intention of ever becoming acquainted with again.)
Call me paranoid if you will, but I often wonder which books I would save if the old manse was on fire (after saving wife and children, of course!); well, these are they... along with a couple of others if time permitted ;0). Here is spiritual sustenance for a lifetime.
And I'm quite excited about the latest, very fitting addition to the ELL, a reader's edition of Walther's classic 'The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel':

This is one of those books a pastor should read through every year, and the faith of our intelligent laity would benefit from such reading too.

Click on the post title to obtain a sampler file, courtesy CPH.

Now, it seems to me that the ELL would be just about complete with the addition of a small compendium of classic Lutheran dogmatics, annotated for use by laity and packed full of scripture references.

Pics courtesy Paul T. McCain (


Pr. Alex Klages said...

Small compendium is therefore eliminating pretty much every dogmatic work written by Lutherans? If nothing else, we're expansive...

What we really need is a 21st century Pieper, dealing constructively and positively with the theological topics and loci, as well as the new errors and challenges of our day.

M.A. Henderson said...

I was thinking along the lines that the ESL is 'essentially' for laity, so a serious dogmatics works that was yet accessible to them would be a good edition. Maybe somethibng like Schmid's 'Doctrinal Theology'?

But I concur, a 21st century Pieper would be great, then we could find a 21st century Mueller to condense it for the ESL series!

By the way, are you familiar with the Confessional Lutheran Dogmatics series of monographs - their raison d'etre was to update and suppllement Pieper, but they've been a long time coming out - over twenty years now and only half way through the projected volumes.