Thursday, 8 April 2010

This Is Exciting!

Got a lazy $500 000 lying around? If so, you might want to consider putting in a bid for an item at an upcoming Sotheby's auction. The item concerned is a 1st edition of Erasmus's 10 volume set of Augustine's works, printed at Basle in 1527-1529.

What's so exciting about that?

Well, the volumes have been carefully glossed with marginal notes (actual pic above) in Latin and German containing comments on contemporary events, corrections of Erasmus, and interaction with Augustine's theology, including record of doctrinal comments by Luther and Melanchthon. What's more, the notes appear to have been written by someone very close to Luther and his inner circle, such is the knowledge the commenter displays of goings on in 1530s Wittenberg. No doubt the identity of the glossator will be determined as scholars continue to work through his annotations, although there were any number of brilliant scholars in Wittenberg at the time.

Most importantly, the glosses promise to shine much light on the reception of Augustine by the Reformer's inner circle.

See what I mean by 'exciting'?

[click on the post title to read a report from the UK Guardian.]


Rev. Alex Klages said...

Let me know if you can save enough to get it at auction!

All joking aside, that's an awesome find and the marginal glosses are probably worth every penny.

'acroamaticus' said...

Reminds me of something a lay person once said to me: You know God's got a sense of humour when you look at who He's given money to!

Good to hook up with you again, Alex. I'll link to your blog. I've been looking for more Canbadian contacts. It's 'right and good' to cultivate friendships between our two churches, given our similar histories and doctrinal commitments.

I don't know about savin guo $500 000, but I'm still looking forward to purchasing some of your wife's beautiful artworks some time.

'acroamaticus' said...

Er, that should be 'Canadian', of course.

Matthias said...

Possibly not the right spot here BUT seeing as it deals with Erasmus,friend to both reformers and RCC ,i thought the late Michael SpenCer's -internetMONK- comments about liturgical churches from the Baptist perspective,how some of the practices were deemed by the leaders of that denomination - and my own Church of Christ -as smacking of Papalism,and when the term Catholic, was used well dear me, talk about the Counter reformation in full flight. But Spencer gives the plus's and minuses' for liturgical worship and comes out in favour of the former. Shades of Erasmus??

'acroamaticus' said...

Mmm...I'm not familiar with that discussion at i-monk; will have to check it out.

What made the most impression on me at i-monk was the way Michael and others had been burned by 'Evangelical' churches (and I put Evangelical in in inverted commas because it seems there wasn't much that was evangelical -Gospel oriented - about these chur4ches).
I was trying to understand that phenomenon and how it coloured there faith today, because it is a completely unknown experience to me. My experience was almost the complete opposite - coming out of a liberal church trying to find something solid, and I was trying to understand why so many Evangelicals are going in the opposite, more liberal tending direction.

It's interesting how much we are coloured by what has happened in our past. There is a German saying, 'You can't escape your shadow', which sums it up nicely.

There might be a blog post in this!

'acroamaticus' said...

No, had a look but can't find it.
For such a popular blog i-monk has a terrible archiving system.