Monday, 8 March 2010

A Tale of Two Brothers

There is something almost Dostoevskian about this tale. It concerns two brothers who have an idyllic and privileged childhood marred only, it seems, by their growing antipathy to each other. Perhaps they are too alike, lacking the differences necessary to allow each one the room to grow and develop along their own path? Or perhaps at the root of their antipathy is a struggle for their birthright? Whatever the case may be, their lives unfold, they both attend university and upon graduation pursue the same career, journalism, at which they both excel, gaining national profiles in their own country. Journalism then becomes for both of them a stepping stone to the authorship of non-fiction books, through which they both become internationally known.

But that is where the similarities end. For as both entered upon maturity they came to almost personify the two separate paths taken by their generation in regard to the great question that confronts it to this day: the existence and nature of God.

The brothers are Christopher and Peter Hitchens. Strange as it must seem to the rest of the world, it was at their one and only public debate on the very question that most divides them, the existence and nature of the Christian God, held on April 3rd, 2008 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, that the long, almost life-long quarrel between the two brothers was healed.

Click on the post title to read Peter Hitchens' article, 'How I Found God and Made Peace with My Atheist Brother', published today in the UK Daily Mail. It is well worth reading and sharing with others. Video of the brotherly debate is available on YouTube.


Fraser Pearce said...

A good article to read in relation to this Sunday's Gospel, in some ways!

acroamaticus said...

Indeed. For a 'Weekend Supplement' type article, it's very good.