Thursday, 25 March 2010

Go Figure: Germans Lose Confidence in Pope & 'Catholic Church'

"Only 17 per cent of Germans polled said they still trust the Catholic Church, compared to 29 per cent in late January, just before the first abuse cases were made public, according to [a] Stern magazine poll.

Many Germans also have lost confidence in the pope, the poll showed. Only 24 per cent still trust him, while six weeks ago 38 per cent said they did.

Some 1,508 persons were interviewed for the poll last week. The margin of error was plus or minus 2.5 per cent."

Source: Bigpond News/Stern


Melanchthon said...

Nice pope hat! (I wonder if they sell them in black for parish clergy? It might look spiffy for my graveside services, etc.)

This is sad for all of us, since Rome is often what people think of when they think "Christian."

Matthias said...

some reasons
1/ Child abuse issues
2/ Child abuse issues
3/ Child abuse issues
4/ is the RCC becomming more conservative read is it returning to some of the practices of the pre reformation eg indulgences
5/ Wearing silly red hats.
I also think that the issue around restoring relationships with the Tridentine catholics and their bishop with questionable views on the Jews as well as a need to clarify what Pope Pius did during the war in relation to the Jews needs to be cleared up.
A very good book THE SECRET WAR AGAINST THE JEWS should be required reading .

acroamaticus said...

Well, I think you've hit the nail on the head, so to speak, Wayne (& I'll come back to the Pope's head in a minute). Whether Germans are justified or not in their lack of confidence, this is the reality that the RCC has to deal with at present. And yes, the rehabilitation of the ultra-conservative Society of St Pius X, with its Holocaust denying bishop, would have gone down like a lead balloon in Germany.

Now, I'm glad you picked up on the red hat - it's called a Saturnalia, btw, and is but one example of Benedict's penchant for restoring items of papal garb that had long since been relegated to the Vatican museum. I expect we'll one day see him with that papal tiara that in past pics looks for all the world like a space rocket blasting off from John XXIII's head. I don't mean to be disrespectful, but is there no-one in the papal household ho has the courage to say, "Papa, do you think that's a good idea?"

acroamaticus said...

Jon, see my comments to Wayne. I don't know if red was such a good colour choice, aside from the fact that it is a papal colour and all that (I think the Pope is also known to wear red Gucci shoes and Prada sunglasses, or is it the other way around?). Maybe black or white would have been more dignified.

It is a problem, though - Bakersfield it pretty hot, yes? As is most of Australia, so what to wear under a blazing sun at the graveside? Fortunately, most funeral director's here erect a canopy over the grave, or at least shelter the clergy with an umbrella. It wouldn't be very dignified for the celebrant to faint and topple into the grave!

Matthias said...

I have not been to a graveside service for 20 years .The last one was my wife's aunty's funeral down at Bairnsdale in the East of Victoria and that was in October-a very flat landscape and with no shade ,i think it was a hot day ,and no canopy,and unlike now i had a full crop of hair. Because it was also a war cemetery-fro RAAF pilots who died in training flights during WW2,the reflection from those headstones was distracting

acroamaticus said...

I'm Baptists no longer bury their dead? Or is a graveside committal considered a private, family affair? Gravesides are still quite popular among Lutherans, and I think it's a good thing - nothing like watching that coffin go down to give one a sense of one's on mortality -dust to duest, usw.

Matthias said...

I think it is up to one's wishes. My parents who were staunch Church of Christ asked to be cremated. I think you are right regarding being aware of one's own mortality and a grave. It brings it home ,although as Christians we know and have the assurance of the resurrection A friend who was a Catholic died last month and he has been buried in a cemetery just outside of melbourne.

acroamaticus said...

Indeed, Wayne, regardless of the final disposition of the body, the sure and certain hope of the resurrection abides. The LCA has permitted church rites to accompany cremations for some time now, bit in this area Australian Lutherans seem to remain very traditional. In my time in ministry, I think I've only taken one cremation, but I've lost count of the number of burials.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this post. The real reason people are "losing confidence in the pope" is

1. negative portayal in the mdedia;
2. negative portayal in the media;
3. negative portayal in the media.

Few are really informed enouigh about the rigorous action Benedict is taking on the abuse issues to make a judgement on the basis of the facts.

"Silly hats" don't even Come into it. In fact most Catholics actually don't mind their pope looking like a pope. And there is a very practical purpose to the wide brimmed saturnalia, just as the is for the little red white trimmed cap that he sometimes wear in winter. I can remember the liturgical commission of the LCA once discussing appropriate head gear for clergy after the Bond University outdoor service at which some pastors wore akubras with their liturgical vestments!

acroamaticus said...

David, is that you?

There's an easy solution to the silly hat problem - avoid outdoor liturgical gatherings altogether!

acroamaticus said...

Come to think of it, David, the only thing the saturnalia has to recommend it over the akubra when accompanying a cassock or alb goes is tradition. As a hat, it is a bit dodgy. 'De gustibus non disputandum', I suppose.