Monday, 15 February 2010

Update on the French Lutheran Hymnal

We have an update on the new French Lutheran hymnal from the Rev. David Saar, a member of the hymnal committee from the Lutheran Church - Canada which produced the combined hymnal and service book. David has answered some questions posed by commentators on my last blog post on this subject, and, I must say, has whetted my appetite to see the book 'in the flesh'. As I suspected, some of the service orders included in the new hymnal have their origins outside of the English language 'Common Service' tradition that most Anglophone Lutheran churches use, which feature alone makes the hymnal of great interest. And at the very reasonable price of US$20, even I can afford a copy! Thanks David.

Here is David's comment:

"Thanks for the plug for our French hymnal. I think you're the first person to blog about it and we appreciate your comments.

To answer Dan's questions about liturgies, yes, as you've noted, Divine Service setting 4 from Lutheran Service Book is the only translated liturgy. "Suite liturgique A" is uniquely French, and 20th century. "Suite liturgique B is mostly classical Lutheran music from the 16th century, and familiar to users of the Common Service.

About half the hymns have a corresponding equivalent in Lutheran Service Book. The link that Rahn from Minnesota gave to our synod's web site has a PDF you can download that shows the correspondence between the French hymnal and LSB.

The hymnal is available from CPH for $20US.

If you or anyone you know has any questions, please email me at:

Thanks again for bringing our French hymnal to the attention of the blogosphere.

Rev. David SAAR
Lutheran Church-Canada
Église lutherienne du Canada


Matthias said...

Pastor ,excuse my ignorance ,but is there a new Australian Lutheran hymnal out and about? or do they use the Australian hymn Book? I recall in the original AHB a hymn entitled
"A man there lived in Galilee above all brave and true". I found it dishonouring to Christ, condescending and when it was a sung in the UCA I attended,i would refuse to sing it.
it is in my list of hymns A& M- Awful and mournful-along with some of the "hymns" sung at my current church. Happy Shrove Tuesday

acroamaticus said...

I'm afraid not, Matthias, at least not in Australia, although one is long overdue.

Several new Lutheran hymnals have been produced in the US over the last decade. Australian Lutheran congregations still use the Lutheran Hymnal (c.1971) and/or its Supplement (c.1986). A few congregations use Together in Song, which I think is the Australian Hymn Book II, which does at least have a limited range of good Lutheran hymns in it, as well as Wesleyan hymns and other standards, but as you say, some of the choices are problematic. Others have forsaken hymn books in favour of electronic projection systems.
Over the last 25 years the LCA has also produced a series of booklets containing contemporary songs, named the All Together series, which is uneven in content.

The future would seem to be that many more LCA congregations
will adopt projection systems which enable them to draw upon an eclectic range of hymnody; those that for whatevr reason can't or won't do this will have to manage with hymnals that are falling apart after many years use. Failing a new Australian Lutheran hymnal, the only other option would be to import American hymnals, which is a very expensive option.

Happy Shrove Tuesday and a Blessed lenten Season!