Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Significant Archaeological Discovery Near Temple Mount

More breaking news: Overnight Australian time an Israeli archaeologist announced the discovery of an ancient fortification near the Temple mount in Jerusalem which she believes to date back 3000 years to King Solomon's time. If her estimation is correct, it would be evidence that Israel at the time had a strong central government as the Bible indicates. To date, most Israeli archaeologists have contended that the lack of archaeological evidence from this time period means that the reigns of David and Solomon as recorded in the Bible are at best exaggerated or at worst mythical.

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The pic is of the excavations.


Melanchthon said...

You beat me to posting this! :-) (I just saw it earlier today.)

I'm continually amazed at how archaeology confirms much of the history of the Bible, and people still treat it as a book of fairy tales. You have to wonder whose eyes are open to the truth?

acroamaticus said...

It jumped out at me from a news list i look at every morning. But you can still post it, Jon, I won't mind ;0)

Do you know the old book The Bible As History by Werner Keller? It was a bestseller in the 1960s, showing how archaeological discoveries confirmed the Biblical history. Since then, the evidence has only mounted. Zondervan put out an Archaeological Study Bible a couple of years ago which is quite a handy reference tool for sermons and studies. In my experience, lay people appreciate knowing about this information but they don't necessarily know where to find it.

Melanchthon said...

I actually taught a course on Biblical archeology in the parish and it really helped people see the historical connection and that their faith is backed up by lots of fascinating evidence. A received a lot of positive comments on it.

The Zondervan Bible you mention is indeed very helpful.