Sunday, 7 February 2010

Sasse on the 'Lex Orandi...'

"Confession and liturgy belong inseparably together if the church is to be healthy. Liturgy is prayed dogma; dogma is the doctrinal content of the liturgy. The placement of liturgy above dogma, for which one hears calls in the liturgical movements of all confessions with the well-known saying "lex orandi lex credendi"..., has been opposed in the Roman Church by the present Pope [Pius XII] in his encyclical "Mediator Dei", in which he points out that one can also turn this saying around and that in all circumstances dogma should be the norm for the liturgy. If that is already known in Rome, how much more should it be known in the church that makes...the right understanding of the Gospel also the criterion for the liturgy."

Hermann Sasse, The Lutheran Understanding of the Consecration, in We Confess the Sacraments, trans N. Nagel, Concordia, 1985.

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Paul said...
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Acroamaticus said...


Yes, that is exactly the danger.

Sasse thought he detected this in Piepkorn and his circle.

There used to be quite a bit of material on and by Piepkorn - who, I should say, was like Sasse, a brilliant scholar of the Confessions - here

although the site appears to be down.

'The Lonely Way' vol II (CPH) contains two of Sasse's writings on this subject.

Many of Piepkorn's essays, including on the virgin Mary, have been collected in two volumes by the American Lutheran Publicity Bureau.

To be honest I haven't thought about this subject for a couple of years now as other things have preoccupied me, but if you want to go into further detail you might want to contact me at my email address [at = @ ]

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