Sunday, 31 January 2010

Queen Breaks Protocol Over Pope's Anglican Plan

Anglican-watchers will find this story, broken by Damien Thompson in the UK's Daily Telegraph, extremely interesting. As Thompson reports it, it seems that the Queen is not only dimayed by the Church of England's drift in the direction of approving homosexual unions and consecrating women bishops (she has said as much in a letter of support to Anglican conservatives), but also perhaps lacks some confidence in the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams (sometimes called the Arch-ditherer of Canterbury). Why else would Her Majesty break with protocol andsubvert the prerogatives of the Archbishop's office by using the Lord Chamberlain as her intermediary with the Roman Catholic primate in England in the matter of the Pope's plan to permit en masse Anglican conversions?

Not that the Queen is likely to be interested in the Pope's plan personally. Rather, her concern stems from her coronation oath to protect and maintain the (Reformed) Church of England.

Click on the post title to read Thompson's report.

The Queen will meet with Benedict XVI in September, no prizes for guessing what will be at the head of the discussion agenda.


Matthias said...

You are correct that the Queen is carrying out here duties as the Supreme Governor of the Cof E,and as a Low Church Anglican,perhaps with Scottish Presbyterian ancestors on the Bowes-Lyon side,she would be a tad disappointed with the non performance of the Welshman currently occupying St Thomas aBeckett's office.
I had a Anglo Catholic priest tell me last year that he had no intention of entering a 'unreformed catholic church" and that the earthly spiritual head of the church was said Welshman!!!
Pity the Head of State has to take on some of his duties-off with his head-but the beard will suffice!!

acroamaticus said...

And an eye-brow trim, maybe?

Matthias said...

Yes.Reminds me of the Monty Python skit where there was a robbery and the police knew who it was ,it was thieves,then they did an
identikit and came up with one of the thieves looking very much like the ArchBishop of Canterbury-in those days Michael Ramsey. I reflected that yes it is sheer murder what he has allowed to. happen to the CoE