Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's Official: Australia the Most Sinful Nation on Earth

It's official: Australia is the most sinful nation on earth. It seems fitting on this Australia Day to acknowledge the fact. The verdict comes from the BBC, and we know 'Aunty' always tells the truth...ahem (clearing throat). Apparently, they came to this conclusion by scientifically mapping the seven deadly sins to nations and then awarding points for sins in each area. The result? Australia comes up trumps!

On a serious note, as every sower of the Word here knows, this is hard ground to plough, and ever since its founding Australia has had a reputation for being irreligious, if not outrightly Godless. Unlike the US, we've never had our Great Awakenings, and unlike the UK, we've never had a Wesley or a Whitefield or a John Knox, not to mention a Luther, to turn the hearts and minds of the masses to God in repentance and faith. By and large, the Christian faith has only been taken seriously here by pockets of Scottish Presbyterians, German Lutherans, English Baptists, Irish Catholics and Sydney Anglicans. The last mentioned group continues to thrive, bucking all trends, but the preceding groups have all come up hard against modernity, which is less than friendly to strong confessional allegiances; they are not quite ready to be written off, but their future looks decidedly grim.

But perhaps our time is yet to come? Where sin abounds...

HT to Archbishop Cranmer for this interesting tidbit. Click on the post title to view his report.

Here's the league table:


Matthias said...

I think pastor that you could add to those who take their Christian faith seriously now -Orthodox from various countries, Indian and Chinese Christians.
There was a revival amongst Aboriginal australians but i forget when. But we are atough nut to crack for God and I believe that we are under the judgement of God. We have a PM who is foul mouthed ,foul tempered and seems to be a fair weather Christian.I hope at the next election Christians do not get suckered by him as they did at the last-myself included.
Abbott seems to have the courage of his convictions and i think that this is starting to tell in the opinion polls.

acroamaticus said...

Thanks Matthias. I could have added Indigenous Christians in general, Lutheran ones in particular, but I was thinking more of the Anglo-Celtic Australian majority. Certainly some Orthodox take their faith seriously, but I am struck by the high rate of nominalism among them, judging by the census numbers and the actual number of churches.

Matthias said...

The sad thing about orthodoxy and Schutz' alluded to this in a conversation i had with him once,is that they tie it up with their specific ethno-national group.eg the Russian orthodox Church and the concept of Holy Mother Russia. Serbia as an Orthodox nation that pulverised the crap out of Bosnia-Herzegovnia is another example.

acroamaticus said...

Yes, and the most self-critical Orthodox will readily admit that shortcoming, too.
By the way, Matthias, there is an excellent book in Zondervan's "Four Views on..." series called "Four Views on Evangelicalism and Orthodoxy" (or is it "Three Views..."?) which contains some very good dialogue and some frank admissions by one of the Orthodox participants who admitys that the Orthodox could learn a few things from Evangelicals.