Thursday, 21 January 2010

Good News for Preachers

In an article that would seem to go against the wisdom of the church life pundits, The Times reports that 96% of churchgoers look forward to the sermon, and most would be happy with a 20 minute sermon if there was no "waffle" (Catholics excepted; they prefer the sermon to be over in under 10 minutes, thank you).

So, don't be too prone to agonising over moving from the "analogue" to the "digital" age, preachers, the most serious of church goers - and let's face it, if you go to church today you are pretty serious about your faith - still look forward to being encouraged and challenged by the sermon. Since sermon preparation is still the most time consuming of the pastor's duties (and rightly so), this is good news.

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Melanchthon said...

Huzzah! This is good news indeed. As a young pastor, several of my parishoners told me my sermons were too short!

BTW, meant to comment before that indeed my father has visited Australia many times when he served in the Navy. One of my favorite sweaters in college and seminary was an Australian submariners sweater he brought back from one of his encounters over in your neck of the woods.

When I was little, he brought me back a kangaroo fur koala bear. It was my favorite for many, many years.

Matthias said...

when my brother was in Kenmore Christian cOLLEGE -the Churches of Christ Theological college in QLD- the students were told that in preaching if they did not strike oil in 20 minutes ,they were to stop boring". One of his mates was student pastor at Kingaroy and he met,the Kingaroy kernel-yes Sir Joh Bjelke-petersen ,on one occasion not realising that he was then the premier of Queensland.
By the way pastor,the Lutheran Church that Joh and Flo attended is that in the LCA or the AELC?
Melanchton,my son is hoping to go into the Defence Force and his profile came out as being suitable for armored regiments,naval clearance diver and the Submarine Service

acroamaticus said...


Kingaroy Lutheran is LCA. I was told not that long ago that Flo still plays the organ for church services.

Matthias said...

stone the crows ,Flo must be pushing 90 or more!!! An old friend of my parents-a retired Church of Christ minister - told us that his wife was the organist sometimes . .One Sunday he announced the hymn ,awaited the intro -nothing-she had died . I think he said words to the effect that she had started playing at one service and was now playing in a Higher Service.

acroamaticus said...

Yes, she was about 13 years younger than Joh, as I recall, but still she must be getting close to 90. As it happens their daughter med is married to our new LCA QLD District President Noel Noack. Noel and Meg were actually at our service today but I didn't get the chance to ask after her mum.