Saturday, 14 November 2009

Christian Lithuania vs. Pagan Europe?

The picture above is of the 'Hill of Crosses' in northern Lithuania, begun spontaneously by the Lithuanian people in 1831 as a memorial to freedom-fighters killed in an uprising against imperial Russia,it gained even greater significance from 1944-1990 as a symbol of Christian resistance to Communist domination. Nearly twenty years ago Lithuania escaped the clutches of that atheist power, only to find itself less than a generation later seemingly in the grip of a pagan power which is seeking to suppress the Christian conscience of the nation.

A wise Lutheran theologian, Charles Porterfield Krauth, once observed that error in the church progresses in three stages. First it asks for toleration, next it aserts equal rights with truth, and finally it claims supremacy and seeks to suppress all opposition. It seems the same law applies in the political realm. The homosexual lobby first asked for toleration, e.g. the de-criminalisation of laws against sodomy; next it asked for equal rights, e.g. the right to civil unions if not marriage and all the benefits at law of this estate; and already there are signs that, having come this far, it will seek to suppress all opposition and claim supremacy. Witness what is unfolding in the highest court of the European Union at the moment in a case involving the sovereign state of Lithuania, a pre-dominantly Christian, majority Catholic country with significant Lutheran and Orthodox minorities.

Lithuania recently introduced a law prohibiting the promotion of 'homosexual, bi-sexual and polygamous relations' among children under 18. The European Parliament, apparently beholden to the agenda of the homosexual lobby, condemned the law in a vote and discussed applying the big stick to Lithuania, in the form of expelling them from the Union with the consequent economic and political penalties that would result. The matter is now before the European Court of Justice, where Lithuania is fighting in effect not only for the rights of parents to protect their children from this insidious propaganda, and even for its own sovereignty, but also for its Christian identity, for there is a spiritual dimension to this battle against 'the principalities and powers... of this world' (Eph 6:12).

Dr Hermann Sasse once observed that such is the inter-connectedness of the churches in modern times that a malady that afflicts one church body will soon afflict them all. Just as with Krauth's observation, that is possibly even more true for nation states, especially in light of the various international treaties and political unions that are taking shape rapidly in our time and binding previously disparate peoples' destinies together. Watch this development closely, it has repurcussions for us all.
HT Cranmer

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