Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hitchens vs Wilson, A Collision of Lives

This film looks interesting, but I don't think it will make it to your local suburban multiplex:

Here's some more:

COLLISION outtake: King's College from LEVEL4 on Vimeo.

Hitchens you know, Wilson is an evangelical Reformed pastor, which leads me to believe he would major on the epistemological shortcomings of Hitchens' worldview (i.e. how does he know what he claims to know is true?) rather than debate the evidence for Christian claims with him. Pre-suppositional apologetics - where one "defends" by attacking the fundamental and erroneous assumptions of an opponent -is a strong suit of the evangelical Reformed. It is a particularly good place to hit Hitchens and his ilk, since their hubris makes them blind to their own presuppositions.

I await the DVD. A concern is how the classical debate format is reconciled with the values of video entertainment. As far as I know, the film is not produced by a Christian but by a well-accredited documentary film-maker who in the final analysis needs to recoup his financial outlay. Debate with the New Atheists is becoming very mainstream, which can only be a good thing, in my view. A couple of Amazon reviewers who admitted to being on Hitchens' side do say that nevertheless they were impresed enough by Wilson to seek out his books.

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