Monday, 9 November 2009

Christianity on the Small Screen

Click on the title to go to a recent article in The Times on-line re attempts by the BBC to "place Christianity on the small screen". Then reflect on the fact that both C.S. Lewis' 'Mere Christianity' and J.B. Phillips' 'Plain Christianity' had their inception as BBC radio addresses - and very popular they were too. Popular Christianity has indeed come a long way (or should that be fallen a long way?) since the 1940s & 1950s, but I suppose we should be grateful that the BBC is at least considering this programming.
While on the subject of church-themed TV shows, I do confess to missing the riotous absurdities of Fr Ted! (Not sure if American readers will have seen 'Father Ted' on their small screens; it was a sit-com about three Irish priests whose bishop exiled them for their sins to 'Craggy Island', where they could do no serious damage to the good name of the church. It managed to be both irreverent as regards Catholicism's sacred cows and yet at the same time was never gratuitously offensive. I'm not sure how well it would 'translate' into American culture, though.)

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