Thursday, 26 November 2009

The Hausvater Project

"As the father of the house (hausvater) should teach it to the entire household..."
Lutherans will immediately recognise this line from Luther's Small Catechism, the book of basic instruction in the Christian faith that the Lutheran Reformation sought to put into the hands of every household head. Regrettably, at least in my experience, in the last generation or two, fathers generally seem to have 'gone AWOL' when it comes to the blessing and duty of teaching the Christian faith to their children, with dire consequences for the church.
During the course of seven years of pastoral ministry I've become increasingly convinced that, humanly speaking (for God can do anything), the renewal of the Christian congregation in the face of the challenges presented by post-modern society is directly linked to the renewal of the Christian family, and the renewal of the Christian family is in turn directly linked to the renewal of Christian fatherhood.
Therefore, I'm always on the lookout for resources that can, under God's grace, facilitate this renewal. I recently came across the website 'The Hausvater Project' (click on the post title to view) which is, as far as I know, the only website devoted to this topic from an exclusively Lutheran perspective (conservative evangelicals, Catholics and Orthodox are streets ahead of us in these matters).

According to their site, a journal is in the planning process. We look forward to more from them - may God bless their work and cause it to have a positive impact! I have provided a permanent link under 'Other Blogs and Sites I Follow' in the column to the the right. (Oh, and there is something there for 'hausmutters' as well, of course!).


matthias said...

i am currently working my way through the Heidelberg catechism and Luther's Small Cathechism but try as i might i cannot seem to get a hold of a Book of Concord- KOORONG always have them out of stock.

Mark Henderson said...



They currently have 'Concordia: The Lutheran Confessions' on special for AU$39.00.

Anonymous said... , or try Google Books for some of the other translations.

Thanks for promoting the cause of the Hausvater, as I don't visit your blog, but randomly chose to search the project's name on Google to see what people said about it.

Mark Henderson said...

You're welcome!
May God bless you and provide you with everything you need to progress this project further.