Saturday, 17 October 2009

Lutheran Catholicity - Definitive Evidence!

You've probably all heard of "Lutherhalle", the Reformation Museum in Wittenberg, but what about "Lutheran Halal Cafe", in Brooklyn, NY? No, it's not a Photoshop manipulation, the place actually exists and can be found listed in the Brooklyn telephone and business directories.

I submit this as definitive evidence of Lutheran catholicity! No longer will Lutheranism be inseparably associated with such northern European culinary delights as lutefisk (jellied cod), wurst, kuchen and mock chicken sandwiches (don't ask what's in 'em), - we now have Lutheran gyros and falafel, and they are Halal to boot! Truly, the Lutheran faith has taken root in all cultures, and is thus shown to be genuinely, undoubtedly catholic. This will finally close the mouth of that nay-sayer in the beret.

Is this a tent-making ministry undertaken by zealous mid-west Lutherans eager to break-up the hard soil of Brooklyn's Islamic population in preparation for sowing the Gospel? Is it a business venture by newly arrived Palestinian Lutheran emigrants who are not afraid to make a confessional statement? Or, more prosaically, is it simply named after a local landmark Lutheran church? In the unlikely event that any of my readers are in Brooklyn, perhaps they could let us know and inform the owners of our approval of their business name. May the Lutheran God prosper them!


Schutz said...

All right. You win!

From the nay-sayer in the beret.

PS. But I think the silence is more due to being gob smacked, rather than "mouth-stopped"! I can't wait to show this to my muslim friends.

Mark Henderson said...

I couldn't believe it at first either, it's such a bizarre juxtaposition of cultures; that's why I checked the existence of the business in the phone directory. Only in America, I guess.