Thursday, 15 October 2009

Another Florovsky Fragment on Catholicity

“Yet the Church is not catholic because of its outward extent, or because it is an all-embracing entity, nor only because it unites all its members, all local churches, but because it is catholic all through in its very smaller part, in every act and event of its life.” [Italics mine]

I found another "Florovsky fragment" in my files, presumably from the same essay as referenced in the previous post. Firstly, this reads like a bad translation, but for now I assume that doesn't effect the substance of what he says, which is quite remarkable! I will make a point of finding my copy of this essay so I can read it again in its entirety. I must have copied it from a volume in Loehe Memorial Library at my alma mater.
Oh, and I found an early photo of Fr George too. Quite the ectomorph, and what about those specs? Everything old is new again. The more I read from him the more I like him.

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