Monday, 14 September 2009

Norman Borlaug Passes

Norman Borlaug, the agricultural scientist whose work on increasing crop yields began in the 1940s and led to the 3rd World agricultural revolution of the 1960s that saved probably over a billion people from starvation (Remember the dire predictions of the Club of Rome? Ever wonder why they didn't eventuate? Answer = Norman Borlaug) died on 12 September at age 95. Borlaug, the son of Norwegian Lutheran immigrants to the US, grew up on an Iowa farm and was educated until Grade 8 in a one room school house. He had to work his way through university, sometimes as a farm labourer working for 50 cents a day. Quite an amazing story. Thank God for Norman Borlaug and his work. Click on the post title to learn more about his work.

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