Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Blog Title

New blog title, new photo behind the title; still on holidays and obviously with too much time on my hands (thanks to my parishioners, who've kindly left me undisturbed to enjoy my rest).
I've been ensconced in my study for the last few days, warmed by the fire, reading voraciously and blogging more than I normally do, breaking only to collect firewood, watch the cricket and occasionally eat and sleep. Don't worry, it will all come to an end soon enough when my good wife returns home.
As mentioned in the sidebar profile, the new title is a play on the title of a collection of short stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mosses From An Old Manse (if you like 19th C. Gothic literature, you've probably heard of Hawthorne and read these tales, if not, I recommend them).
Here's the book:

And here's Hawthorne's old manse in New England:

Glosses are simply notes to aid in interpretation scribbled in the margins of books, a practice which became important in medieval times.
Here's a few examples:

So, the idea is that my posts are nothing more than notes or 'glosses' on theology and life, scribbled on the margins of the web (i.e. my blog!) from the study of the old manse where I live, to aid myself and whoever reads my blog to 'interpret' life from a confessional Lutheran viewpoint.

Oh, and no, that is not the view from my front door, it is the view from the front door of the old manse in Gartmore, Scotland. Here's what it looks like from the front lawn:

Any comments on the new title and blog-philosophy are most welcome.
Please adjust the title of your bookmark accordingly (if you can be bothered, that is!).


Mild Colonial Boy, Esq. said...

Hello Pastor,

I think that the new title and title picture are quite charming.

However if I may make a suggestion, particularly if you intend to talk about any social or political matters, you may wish put up a disclaimer in the sidebar informing readers that the opinions contained in the blog are your own personal opinions not necessarily those of the LCA.

And may I also inquire whether you intend to put up your future sermons on your blog?

Mark Henderson said...

Thanks for your comment, MCB; I thought you might appreciate the title and picture.

Good point about the disclaimer, but I think I may refrain from political comment in the future (unless it directly relates to Christian concerns, in which case a disclaimer will follow).

As for posting sermons, good question! It was not my intention when I started the blog to do so, primarily because my sermons are written for one particular time, place and people and are not intended to be general preachments.

Another factor which miltates against posting my sermons is that I suffer from Melanchthon's disease - no, not spinelessness - the habit of endlessly revising whatever I write. I'm not sure if I could ever be happy enough with a sermon to see it in print. But if I ever am, you may see a sermon posted.

Thanks for your continued patronage of my humble blog!

hn160 said...

That manse looks like it would fit in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. A lot of the colonial houses there are constructed of stone.


M. A. Henderson said...

Thanks for your comment, Henry,
and for taking the time to follow my blog.
Yes, I believe Pennsylvania is one of the more historic US states, I hope to get there one day.
Going by your e-mail address, your surname must be Newman? My grandmother was a Newman, her family came from the village of Rayleigh in Essex, England.

M. A. Henderson said...

I've always had a desire to check out the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg because of its historical connections with the Civil War, as well as the other Civil War historical sites in PA.