Monday, 27 July 2009

The C of E: Busy Making Unknown What Was Previously Known.

"The Church of England is busy making unknown what it has previously known. It is so busy selling teddybears, making coffee, preaching inoffensive political correctness and developing gay liturgy that it has lost all sense of its spiritual raison d’être. One comment in the thread, from the professing atheist Mikey, says: “I am atheist but would have more respect for the Church if it had a tiny bit of confidence in its message."

From the blog "Cranmer", 26.07.09, 'The Church That Doesn't Do God'.

Gloss: Regular Lutheran readers will have to forgive me for so many posts on the Church of England. I assure them I am "over" my former Anglicanism, but it continues to fascinate as well as proving itself a good foil for confessional Lutheran Christianity. I thought the above was a brilliant statement apropos the state of much (but thankfully not all) of Anglicanism, particularly in England, where a sort of 'Christian agnosticism' reigns in so many quarters of the established Church. Let me add that the present state of the C of E only increases my admiration for the many orthodox, evangelical, Bible-believing Christians who manage to go about their work - God's work - quietly while yet remaining within its walls.

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Pic: 'Temple to an Unknown God', a.k.a. Salisbury Cathedral.

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