Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Blog Matters

I've decided to alter the nature of my blog. Time does not permit me to spend much time blogging at present (probably a good thing). Therefore, rather than occasional longer reflections, I will now use the blog to record gleanings from my reading with occasional notes, an e-journal if you like. This will help me to keep track of insights I have found helpful and I hope it will also be of value to regular readers. Posts will therefore be shorter but, I hope, more frequent. I may also include exegetical and homiletical reflections on the lectionary texts and record attempts to untie exegetical knots.
I've done some housekeeping too - you'll notice a new template, still minimalistic but hopefully more friendly, and some posts that were not in keeping with my new goals for this blog have been deleted. I would also review the labels and categories if I could work out how to do that short of deleting them entirely, and I hope to have some useful links up and running soon.

Thanks for sticking with me, dear readers!
Oh, and comments are now enabled.